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Wizewerx grows startups and transforms companies.

We experiment, build and operate multiple commercial startups and coach some of the biggest companies in the world to deliver better value more regularly and joyfully.
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Billions of dollars and millions of person hours are lost every year to ineffective meetings. Not to mention the staggering human potential.

Amazemeet is a simple and effective way to significantly cut down on ineffective meetings, reduce the human and financial costs they incur and increase the value your organisation generates.

Meeting Culture – the single most important aspect of medium to large organisations. Simply put, companies that can nurture and sustain a healthy meeting culture are more effective, efficient and innovative. Those that can’t waste more and have to generate more revenue to cover that waste.

Mayalytics is an extremely effective and easy way to get insightful and actionable metrics on the quality, quantity,costs and waste of meetings in any organisation. All with a simple email.